Wouter De Vos

Wouter De Vos

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First Name * Wouter
Last Name * De Vos
Username * Skullforger
Country * Belgium
City Leuven
Nationality Belgian
Languages DutchEnglishFrench



Availability: student
Website skullforger.blogspot.com


I am a trainee in maxillofacial surgery, with a strong interest in computer graphics, especially 3D. Years of drooling over the incredible 3D art I found here on CGtalk made me realize that I wanted to be an artist myself. After checking out biographies and curriculae of some of the leading 3D artists in the world, it became clear to me that it is essential for every artist to have a decent traditional art school education, with an emphasis on figure drawing. I finally made the decision in the summer of 2006, and I started a six-year-long study of traditional drawing at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leuven. I am now completing my first year, and I must say it changed my view on visual arts completely. My teacher is an accomplished artist himself (one of the few remaining artists who stick to drawing in its purest form : pencil and charcoal on traditional paper) and during class, he almost never talks about techniques or how to draw, but just about life, esthetics and what art is all about. For a moment, I was even considering to make becoming a draftsman my priority, instead of becoming a maxillofacial surgeon... but then again, there MUST be a way to combine the two... If you want to discuss this, feel free to send me a private message.